Best ayurveda medicine croton oil seed | jamalgota

English Name:- croton oil seed | jamalgota

croton oil seed
croton tree

A small sized every green tree, branches short & pabescent, leaves with serrate margin.

parts used croton oil seed

Seeds and Seeds oil.

croton oil seed
croton oil & seed

Teste:- Bitter

Chemical Constituents

Seeds Contain: Ciaarcinogenic(Active compound) Polyol, Phorbol, Acitic acid, Tiglinic acid, Myristic acid, Cicarciocinogens, Beta-sitosterol, Haemolytic protein. Crotonic oil, which Contains crotonilic acid, Tiglic acid or Methyl crotonic acid and Crotonol.

Croton Oil Seed Actions

Oil: Toxic, Irritating, Inflammatory, stomachic, Digestive, Purgative, Anthelmintic. Used in

Seed oil is used in: Rheumatism, Lymphocytic leukomia,Tuber culosis, Liver disease, Leucoderma, Arthritis, It is insecticidal and Anthelmintic.

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