7 Sleeping Positions for Back and Neck Pain

Sleeping Positions for Back and Neck Pain are common complaints that affect millions of people around the world. While there are numerous causes for these discomforts, including injuries, poor posture, and medical conditions, one significant factor that often goes overlooked is our sleeping position. The way you sleep can play a crucial role in worsening

Foot Reflexology Chart – Complete Guide for Reflexology Foot Chart

Foot Reflexology Chart is a very important tool to recognize Foot Reflexology Points. The Reflexology Foot Chart is a part of Foot Reflexology which is an Acupressure Therapy developed in America. The aim of Reflexology (Chart) Therapy is to regulate immune system & blood circulation in body. Reflexology is divided into four types as follows: Foot Reflexology is

9 Best Acupressure Points for Diabetes Control

Acupressure Points for Diabetes are most preferable for the people suffering from Diabetes. Acupressure is a harmless curing for Diabetes. Acupressure is an ancient Chinese technique heals Diabetes. Acupressure is helpful in various diseases like Headache, Migraine, Sinus Congestion, Eyestrain, Nasal Problems, Asthma, Anxiety, Diabetes etc. Acupressure Points for Diabetes must be practiced on a regular