Five Pressure Points Heart | Acupressure Points for Heart blockage

Hello friends, welcome to Acupressure Health Care. In today’s blog, we will learn about Five Pressure Points Heart, its causes and treatment. Today, heart disease is one of the most deadly diseases of the modern human society in the world. Every year lakhs of people suffer from heart diseases and die.

These diseases include heart attack, colic, high blood pressure etc. All these problems show adverse effects on the heart due to the stress involved in our daily routine. Apart from diet, this includes mental and emotional processes, metabolic imbalance on the heart.

Types of Heart Disease

Arteries Blockage:-
In this, there are attacks of loud heartbeat, due to which the nervousness of the patient increases and he starts feeling fear of death. Even in case of sudden events, fear and anger, the heart starts beating faster.

Symptoms of Heart Disease

  • Fatigue and breathlessness.
  • Rapid heart rate.
  • High blood pressure.
  • Hands and feet become cold and light blue.
  • Change in heart beat.

causes of heart disease

  • Consuming drugs.
  • Weakness of muscles and nerves.
  • Physical and mental weakness.
  • Anemia, emotional disturbance.
  • Indigestion for a long time.
  • Irregular daily routine and diet.

Acupressure Points  for Heart  blockage

Heart disease occurs due to lack of energy because there is blockage in the arteries supplying blood to the heart, hence some methods will be used to increase energy. In this block I will tell you about those methods through images.

Normal pressure method:-

In this method, star magnets will be used on the heart points shown on the left hand.
 five Pressure Points Heart
Heart Disease treatment

Equal pressure method:-

Heart blockage can be removed by increasing energy. Therefore, white Byole magnets will be used to increase the energy.
Heart Disease treatment ब्योंल मैग्नेट
Heart Disease treatment ब्योंल मैग्नेट
color therapy:-
Orange color will be used to remove blockage in the heart because orange color is a destroyer of blockages.
Heart Disease treatment color theraphy
Heart Disease treatment color theraphy
Seed therapy:-
With this method, fenugreek bandage will be applied on the places shown on the heart.
Heart Disease treatment Seed theraphy
Heart Disease treatment Seed theraphy
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