Acupressure for Nasal Congestion

Sinus problems begin with a common nasal allergy and lead to chronic sinus congestion. acupressure for nasal congestion provide instant relief from sinus symptoms such as nasal congestion, blocked ears, and cheekbone pain.

Nasal allergies and sinus congestion are caused by fungi, bacteria, allergies, pen dander, cold weather and other infections/allergies. Whenever you notice nasal allergy in your sinuses then you should start self-treatment with acupressure points for sinus and nasal congestion.

acupressure for nasal congestion

There are mainly four types of acupressure points for sinus congestion which we have divided based on their location on the human body.

  • Acupressure points for sinus on face
  • Acupressure points for sinus on neck and head
  • Acupressure points for sinus on arms and hands
  • Acupressure points for sinus on legs and feet
  • Applying acupressure points daily for sinus congestion will help you get relief from sinus problems and nasal congestion.

Here we provide acupressure for nasal congestion in detail as follows:

acupressure for nasal congestion on face

Acupressure points for sinuses on the face are located around the nose. The exact locations of acupressure facial points for sinus congestion are between the eyebrows, on the bridge of the nose, on the sides of the nose, and under the cheeks. The numbers are as shown in the picture

acupressure for nasal congestion

Bridge of nose – urinary bladder 2 (UB2):

Find the point on the bridge of the nose. Place your fingers on the bridge of the nose as we can see in the picture. Apply pressure to the bridge of the nose for about four minutes.

Side of nose – large intestine 20 (LI20):

Go down the nose and gently touch the sides of the nostrils. As soon as you find the pressure point towards the nostrils, apply pressure with the fingers of both your hands at 90 degrees to your face for a few minutes.

Below the cheeks – Stomach 3 (ST3):

Find soft spots under your cheeks. Move your hand around under the cheek to find that point. As soon as you find that point, push from bottom to top on that point.

Third Eye Point – Governing Vessel 24.5 (GV24.5):

Find the third eye point right between your eyebrows, the GV24.5 pressure point is quite easy to locate. Once you identify this point, you can stimulate it by applying pressure with your thumb/index finger for a minute, then release.

As soon as you find the acupressure points for sinus on the face, apply pressure on them and rub those points one by one several times a day. These pressure points for sinus will help to cure your frontal sinus problem and upper sinus problem like eye strain, red eyes, nasal congestion and polyps, stress, anxiety and restlessness.

Sinus pressure points on neck and head:

Acupressure points for sinuses on the neck and head include various pressure points. You can see the location of each point in its picture and learn how to massage it by reading the explanation given below the picture.

Posteriorly above the neck – Governing Vessel 16 (GV16):

Go to the back of your head and up your neck, you’ll get the point. The point will be in the middle and just above the neck. The place where the neck and skull meet is the point. Hold it at a thumb-like point with one hand. Apply pressure with your thumb for 5 minutes.

Under the skull at the back of the head – Gallbladder 20 (GB20):

It’s about the back of the head. You will be able to find the head point with both hands, placing your thumbs on the back of the head under the skull and fingers on the top of the head. Find points on the head and apply pressure with both thumbs for about 5 minutes.

As soon as you find the acupressure neck and head points for sinus congestion, apply pressure separately for 5 minutes. Use your thumb to apply pressure over the neck behind your head and the hand should be on your head. Then use both thumbs together to apply pressure on the head. You should cover about a 3-inch area when applying pressure.

Acupressure neck and head points for sinus congestion will help you regulate your breathing, bring stress relief and mental clarity.

Urinary Bladder 7 Point (UB7):

Acupressure Urinary Bladder 7 Point works fast on nasal congestion and discharge. The UB7 point is located on the top of your head, 5 cm away from the UB6 point and 5 cm lateral to the midline.

Apply gentle pressure on the UB7 point with both hands to cure nasal congestion, fainting, headache, heaviness of head, nose bleeding, loss of smell, nasal discharge and nasal lesions.

Collarbone – Kidney 27 Point (K27):

Acupressure Kidney 27 point is very effective in case of nasal congestion. You can find the K27 point both at the base of the collarbone and next to the breastbone. Apply firm pressure to Kidney 27 (collarbone points) for two minutes and then release them.

By stimulating the K27 Point you can get relief from nasal congestion, sinus infections, cough, sore throat, anxiety, hiccups and panic attacks.

Sinus pressure points on arms and hands:

Acupressure points for the arms and hands for sinus congestion and nasal problems are the Inner Gate Point and Hand Valley Point as well as the finger tips and nails.

The exact location of the acupressure arms and hand points is displayed in the pictures. The tips of the fingers are just behind the nails. As you find the points, apply pressure to each point one by one. Use your thumb to apply pressure.

Inner Gate – Pericardium 6 (PC6):

The Inner Gate is the point you can find on the back of your wrist, place your fingers on your wrist and find the most active point. Once you find that point, apply downward pressure on that point with your thumb.

Union Valley – Large Intestine 4 (LI4):

This point is well known and easy to find. You can locate Union Valley Point i.e. LI4 Point with the help of your thumb. As soon as you find the Large Intestine 4 point, right between your thumb and forefinger, apply pressure with your other thumb and forefinger.

Finger tips and nails:

The next points are the finger tips and nails. You can find these points just behind your fingernails and at the ends of your fingers. As you find the points, apply pressure to the points one by one for short periods of time.

Acupressure Arms and Hands points will help you increase circulation to the sinuses and reduce breathing problems, relieve tension from the neck, shoulders and head, drain sinuses faster and improve circulation to other parts of the body. Acupressure arms and hand points are helpful in relieving sinus problems and also provide other benefits.

Sinus pressure points on legs and feet:

Acupressure points for sinus congestion legs and feet are located on the toes, toenails, and upper outer shin. These points are very helpful in sinus congestion.


Starting at the bottom of the feet, find the toes and move your hand to the point of the toes. Toe points are located on the toes, just like the fingers. Press the tips of the toes one by one in a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction. Toes Point will not only heal sinus, but will also prevent sinus from occurring in the future if practiced for a long time.

Toe nails:

There are toe nails where the sinus acupressure points are located. The points are located exactly on the nails of the thumb and the nails of the other fingers. Find the point as shown in the picture. Apply gentle pressure on each point in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction. This will improve circulation in the sinus area.

Upper outer shin – abdominal 36 (ST36):

The upper outer shin point is located below the knee. Start at your knee cap and move down and select the upper outer shin. Shin Point is located exactly where the shin muscle meets the shin. The upper outer shin point will help improve circulation to the sinuses and ears.

Great Rushing – Liver 3 (LV3):

The Great Rushing Point is located on the top of the foot, in the tendon between the first toe and second toe. The exact location of the Liver 3 point is at the junction where the first and second metatarsal bones meet. It can provide relief from headache, pain around the eyes, nausea and improve memory and concentration power.

final thoughts:

The acupressure points for sinus congestion shared above are very effective for sinus and nasal problems. You should apply these pressure points regularly to get fast relief from sinus symptoms.

We have explained the most effective pressure points for sinus congestion based on our knowledge and research. If you have any query about treating sinus with acupressure then ask us in the comment section, we will answer your queries asap.

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